Custy Corelo

Management solution for life insurance products.

Manage your business on a global scale

Corelo - Ergonomics

Ergonomics for productivity

Experience a smooth, efficient workflow.
Designed with an ergonomic interface and intuitive navigation, Custy Corelo revolutionizes the management of front- and back-office operations.

Corelo - Productivity

Unbeatable service quality

Unleash the potential of your associates!
With Custy Corelo we offer you the opportunity to operate simply and efficiently, to reinvent your product offering and to provide exceptional service to your distributors and policyholders.

Customizable architecture for guaranteed flexibility

Corelo - Architect

Scalable software to your needs

With it, you can easily customize your application to meet changing market and customer needs: new products, exception management, compliance with new legislation…

Corelo - Boost your competitiveness

Strengthen your competitiveness

Our software enables you to reduce your operating costs and boost your competitiveness.
You’ll be able to allocate more resources and time to quality and compliance procedures, while facilitating your digital transformation.